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Superfood Coffee® is simple but thoughtful. We start with the highest quality Peruvian coffee beans, infuse them with fresh ground Superfoods and Cold Brew to perfection. Each blend is crafted with two things in mind; flavor and nutritional compounds. Featuring one or two Superfoods, they are revered for their unparalleled medicinal health benefits, and coupled with two or more support herbs, which help to build complexity and depth. To finish it off, we pour through a nitro-tap, creating a naturally creamy and full bodied cup of delicious heaven on earth.




Local Mountain Water

We source our mineral rich water from a local artesian spring. The H20 is soft and naturally filtered.

Superfood Infused

We infuse each blend with powerful synergizing superfoods from all over the world for that perfect cold brew.

Specialty Coffee

Our premium coffee is 85+ on the cupping scale and is so balanced you'll taste the difference in each drop.

Smooth +Creamy

We pour on a nitro tap which adds a creamy texture and smoothness that enhances the flavor and experience.