The beginning

We founded Superfood Coffee Co. with a burning passionto build a brand that creates products that are at the highest quality standards we believe in, that taste great and are super enjoyable. Innovation is our focus and what fuels us. Late nights are filled with conversations of what could be and how to do it.

We fell in love with healthy living, creating healthy alternatives and experimenting with the undiscovered. Both of us dealt with an array of health problems, scares and issues that had us reevaluate our entire lifestyle. We started by taking baby steps... first good foods & water... secondly detox our environment (non-toxic goods)... thirdly exercise, sleep and regenerate. This lead us to cooking at home, juicing at home, creating new products that we enjoyed and boosted our immune systems.

People + The Journey.


stay true.


Fuel the passion.


At Superfood Coffee Co., we believe in living a healthy happy lifestyle through a natural diet, being active, and following passions in life that are meaningful and fulfilling. When we decided to change our lifestyle to a healthier one, we discovered that nutrition plays a valuable part in your overall well being. But there was one thing... COFFEE!... Ugh. I have to give up coffee? How does that always come up when you want to change your lifestyle? Blake, our CEO and Founder thought, why can't we create a coffee product that is different, that can fit into our lifestyle? .... LIGHT BULB..... And that is how the journey started!

It started years ago when Blake had the idea to make the first Superfood Coffee® blend. He had a vision to create something that was not available to coffee drinkers, something with more nutritional compounds, and perfect for on-the go-lifestyles. Blake also had some interesting R&D testing with his #1 fan, his wife Amanda, who in fact hated coffee to say the least, due to her sensitive system and distaste for the flavor. That actually helped Blake in producing a coffee that had more flavor profiles and was more gently for people with digestive issues. TADA!... VOILA!... At last, Superfood Coffee Co. was born. We soon discovered there were more coffee drinkers out there looking for the same thing: a quality coffee product to fit their active and healthy lifestyle. Kefir Soda™ was then created with the same intentions, to offer a healthy alternative to sodas, which were Amanda's weakness back in day.


Insight + Transparency

QUALITY // Everything is crafted by hand, in small batches with the highest quality of ingredients. We care. You care. It's perfect.

SOURCING // For our fresh ground and instant coffees, we work with hundreds of coffee tasters who test and rate each blend before we make it for you. We want to have you in mind with every single product! We thoughtfully hand select ingredients that contain no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, animal products, fillers or chemicals. Our products represent a shift and a movement towards a new way at viewing tradition.

PACKAGING // We seek and use compostable and recycled packaging for our dry goods. Our glass containers are made in the USA. We include eco-friendly practices into our processes. 


"Work hard, be nice and great things will happen." - Conan


"If you can do what you do best and be happy, you are further along in life than most people." - Leo


"The meaning of life is not to simply exist, to survive, but to move ahead, achieve and conquer." - Arnold


"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi


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