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Kefir Soda™ was inspired by a 3000-year-old “soda” making technique, similar to kombucha, but created with living cultures that grow naturally at most mountain springs at 7,000 feet above sea level. We bathe these Kefir Cultures in the highest quality water we could find, delivered to us direct from the heart of Palomar Mountain. Once fully cultured, we infuse the Probiotic Kefir Water into our locally sourced & organic cold pressed juices.

The end product is a deliciously refreshing and bubbly beverage, with no fermented flavor or caffeine. They are fully loaded with a diverse range of nearly two dozen strains of beneficial bacteria and wild yeasts; which are both critical for gut health and immune function. Kefir Soda is a deliciously refreshing probiotic beverage & your new favorite bubbly!



Carbonation and active probiotics gives Kefir Soda™ a wonderful soft effervescence that is so refreshing, light and extremely enjoyable on it own, with a meal or as a treat.

Local mountain water

Naturally clean water straight from the source! Polamar Mountain water is filtered naturally from the earth. Each drop is filted pure, hydrating and naturally mineral rich.


Fresh high quality produce sourced from local + organic farms. Juiced straight from the farm and infused with our house made kefir water makes our soda oh so good!

beneficial bacteria

Comprised of 2-3 different species of Water Kefir, these beverages are packed with over almost twice as many strains as its friend kombucha along with healthy yeasts & enzymes.


The perks


Caffeine Free

Dairy Free

Gluten Free


Kid Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Paleo Friendly


Low Sugar

High Probiotic

High Nutrition



F.Y.I. = May differ slightly depending on season and ripeness of produce.

Calories ~40-50        Sugars ~8-10g        Carbs ~10-12g